• The last thing the world needs is another brand for brands sake.

  • Rugged® is a team of creatively wired individuals with an unyielding pursuit to design with intention, boldness, and a bit of grit. We believe it takes courage and determination to build brands with soul and purpose. We love working with mission driven brands looking to disrupt their industry and heritage brands fighting to protect their turf. All brands have the opportunity to make people’s lives easier, healthier, and more enriching. That’s why we collaborate with our clients encouraging them to be their best version of themselves – because a world with more thoughtful brands is a better world.

  • Branding &

    Brand Identity
    Experiential Design
    Brand Launch & Campaigns

  • Product Design &

    Product Roadmap
    Website UX & Development
    App UX & Development
    Agile Sprints
    Digital Experience

  • Campaigns &
    Content Creation

    Creative Direction
    Art Direction
    Animation / Illustration

  • Industries We
    Work In:

    Apparel & Retail
    Health & Wellness
    Arts & Culture
    Food & Beverage
    Tech & SaaS

  • We’re all about agility and scalability.

  • We’re a nimble bunch, and we like it that way. Whether we are working with an individual client or integrating within a larger team, we strive for optimal organization and communication. We’re always working to improve our processes because the faster we can cut through the B.S. the sooner and longer we can work on what we’re good at. This makes the end product stronger and allows us to operate within tighter budgets compared to larger top heavy shops. We put a high value on team members being able to think and work independently, always striving to get to the point and solve the problem at hand.

  • RJ Condon

    CCO • RJ is responsible for overseeing the direction of Rugged® while providing high-level direction across the studios client list from both a design and creative perspective. RJ started Rugged® as a designer and art director in 2015.
  • Morgan Jezierski

    CFO • Morgan is the Rugged® Chief Financial Officer, working closely with our team and clients to ensure projects are on time and on budget. Her responsibilities include scoping projects, financial planning, advising on investment decisions, and analyzing current and historical financials to improve studio efficiencies.
  • Ryan Fonk

    COO • Ryan oversees business operations at Rugged®, where he monitors our studio's organizational health across all accounts and projects. Ryan balances both the needs of our business and clients while focusing on culture and happiness across all studio levels.
  • Sam Tiscia

    Creative/Design Director • Sam focuses primarily on digital creative overseeing the design and build of websites, web products, native applications and campaign creation. Her versatile skillset allows for her to excel in a wide range of verticals while effectively managing her teams and intuitively understanding her clients needs.
  • James Sobol

    Creative/Design Director • James spearheads projects primarily focused on brand identity development, art direction, and packaging. Over the years at Rugged® James has shown an impressive ability to flex between a wide range of industries while being true to the design process and our teams primary goal of always producing the most aspirational level of design work possible.
  • Josh Kennon

    Digital Strategy • Josh is a digital strategist who works closely with the design team to make sure the strategy behind the work we’re doing runs deeper than aesthetics. He handles market analysis, campaign setup, execution, and analytics that give us value insights into our work so we can continuously improve the work we’re doing through critical thinking.
  • Lauren Johnson

    Creative/Designer • Lauren is a talented designer with the rare ability to float between digital and print without blinking an eye. She has a solid understanding of color, typography, user experience, and illustration all while developing unique concepts and brand positions within a wide range of industries.
  • Grace Barrett

    Creative/Designer • Grace works primarily in the digital space focused on website design, product UX and campaign creation. She pushes design to unexpected places while remaining diligent and organized. These skills allow her to handle a wide range of projects while staying focused on maintaining brand integrity and thoughtful executions.
  • Kelly Weldon

    UX Designer • Kelly leads the majority of our UX projects focused primarily on product development. She moves quickly, vets ideas, and leans heavily into the design process as a way of aligning teams and executing on smart, intuitive UX solutions that make complicated products looks easy.
  • Eddie Hudson

    Engineering • Eddie handles decisions around technology and how we build products. He has an extensive product background as both an engineer and technical product manager. His works allows our design team to create whatever solution they see best for the client while knowing we can execute it from a technical perspective. Most of his work is focused on front-end development using modern frameworks.
  • Hayley Emmons

    Creative/Designer • Hayley started at Rugged® as an intern in 2019 while studying at Maine College of Art. The internship was suppose to last for her spring semester, but she never left. She helps design leads in both digital and print production successfully taking concept direction and applying it through a wide range of systems and touch points. She is a fast learner with a pragmatic approach to design.
  • Sean Connerty

    Creative/Designer • Sean is a designer working in both the print and digital spaces. He works on brand identity, website design, and product UX both in the creation of concept work and the rollout of production across all mediums and platforms. He is a self-taught designer who is always striving to improve and grow his craft.